Message by Chairman

I extend hearty welcome to all the prospective parents who have shown keen interest in Alpine Valley Boarding School.

Perhaps you may be unaware the fact that formerly the school was managed Jointly.Now, I myself have taken up the reigns of the school and I assume that I shall leave no stone unturned to make this school a world Class-Educational institution.

The school is located far from the madding crowd and is surrounded by lush green vegetation. I have felt that there is a need for reorientation in schools for Indian culture and tradition. We offer career counselling and guidance to our senior students as per their preferences and attitudes. Whether your child becomes a surgeon or an engineer, an ambassador or an artist, a musician or an actor, goes into industry, commercial life or the art, he/she might feel proud to prepare Future life at AVBS.

The board based liberal education also helps the students to acquire a truly international outlook. “Learning by doing” has been my hallmark. Though not yet come of age, the school has already shaped itself into a fine quality residential public school comparable to the best in and around Delhi. We are doing our best to provide the best infrastructure slowly and steadily. I can assure the parents that they shall have no regret in admitting their children to our school. It is a home away from home for the children.

My promise is not like a pie in the sky. but My ardent endeavour will be to see that the school touches its glorious heights in the years to come.





The Alpine Picture Gallery
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