Extra Curricular Activities

Recreational activities…

We ensure that our boarders are never bored! After the school hours students are encouraged to participate in recreational activities as well. Recreational activities like sports and games both indoors and outdoors are arranged. House activities are organized and boarders are expected to involve themselves in the boarding house. ‘House evenings’, provide a chance to the students to show their talent in dramatics, dance, music and various aspects of stage management. Practical experience is gained through participation in Students Council, Food Committee etc.. Pleasure and adventure trips, treks, expeditions and socials are organized throughout the year. Each boarding house has recreation lounges with facilities for table tennis, carom board games, cable TV, video, DVD players, computers with Internet access, telephones, newspapers clothing/linen store, housemother’s room, kitchen, library in addition to bedroom and the office.

A VBS has world class sports & training facilities which include Athletics, Martial Arts, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Horse Riding, Cricket, Snooker & Weight Lifting. A fully equipped gymnasium and a fitness center, basketball courts are some of the facilities the students can use.

The Alpine Picture Gallery
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