Modern Living

Best Boarding SchoolLearning to live together in a Community is a central part of the AVBS experience. Recognizing the many needs of modern families we have flexible boarding structure. The house system binds the school together and a pupil’s house is their home base within the school community. The well-appointed boarding houses are home to students from the age of 7 years. The school has common dormitories for junior children and on request four-bedded rooms for senior students are also available. Sparkling clean modem toilets and bathrooms help in hygienic and comfortable living in the hostels.

Best Boarding School faridabadIt is a busy day at AVBS, so our breaks are an important time of the day to “re-fuel”, relax and socialise with friends. An excellent choice of food options are available ensuring a healthy and balanced diet. Our School Canteen is also open at break times. A star-level dining hall and a neat, clean and tidy kitchen serves nutritious and balanced vegetarian food under hygienic conditions. Three meals are served in addition to tea, milk, snacks and fruits. Indian food is a regular part of the AVBS mess menu. A mess manager and a committee of teachers and students ensure standard quality of food.

The development of children’s social skills, manners and ability to get on with others is fostered at AVBS.






The Alpine Picture Gallery
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