The House System

Each child is a member of a House which has a House Master and a team of House Tutors. They are mentored collectively and individually, allowing the relationships and trust between staff and pupils to grow as they progress through the school. The Tutor helps them to manage their academic life. encourage enthusiasms in their approach to extra-curricular opportunities and to overcome any personal difficulties.


We have four houses РAravali, Everest, Himalaya and Nilgiri. The lively House System offers inter­house competition in sport, music, debating, declamation, dramatics, etc.

The co-curricular activities pursued in the school like debates, declamation, dramatics, quiz, elocution, essay writing, art and music inculcate the healthy competitiveness among the students. A host of hobbies such as gardening, painting, computing, natural history, etc. are encouraged for constructive use of leisure.








The Alpine Picture Gallery
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